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  1. What is the difference between “Manufactured” and “Modular” homes? 
    Manufactured homes are built according to the H.U.D (Housing and Urban Development) code. They are built and transported on a rigid steel frame. The wheels, axles, and hitches may be removed for foundation or basement placements.  Modular homes are built to the BOCA ( ) the same as site built homes. They are transported on dolly systems which are removed before placement on a perimeter foundation or basement. 
  2. Can we make changes to floor plans?
      Yes! In most cases walls may be moved and homes may be made longer and or wider. Some of our manufacturers will allow a total re-draw of plans. Bring us a copy of the floor plan you want and we will build it for you.
  3. Do you have financing available?
    Yes! We have several lenders who specialize in “in park” financing and many lenders that finance “land home” projects as well as specialized financing for first time home buyers.
  4. Can you help us find land? 
    Yes! We have (2) in-house realtors that can assist in finding land
  5. Will my manufactured or modular home depreciate?
    No! Even homes that are set up in manufactured home rental communities will appreciate, though not at the same rate as homes which are placed on foundations or basements on their own land.
  6. How long after we order our home can we move in?
    It varies, depending upon how large a backlog the factory has, how long your site preparation takes and in some areas the weather (wind etc.) Normally it will take between 60 and 90 days.



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